The history of the black canyon vineyards

Author: Bob Bonarda

Black Canyon VineyardsBlack Canyon Vineyards was established in 1975 in Santa Barbara and is one of the areas finest boutique vineyards. Surrounded by award-winning wineries, the beauty of this farm-style winery is as captivating as its Riesling. Black Canyon Vineyards’s amazing winemaker, along with historical vineyards, combine to produce wines and a wine club that express the soul of this renowned wine region.

Black Canyon Vineyards VineyardOur highly sought after wines are created exclusively with high-quality grapes from our family run vineyard and made in an sustainable, balanced style that is best for the environment. We use winemaking techniques that preserve our wines nuances and highlight the cherished qualities of our organic wines. We always harvest our fruit weeks before our neighbors do and usually rely on the naturally occurring yeasts from the vineyard for fermentation. It’s our belief that making world class wine is a full circle process that depends on healthy soil, 100% natural winemaking and doing whats right for our customers.

Black Canyon Vineyards GrapesWe think that Black Canyon Vineyards is the finest vineyards you’ll ever have the chance of visiting. The wine is absolutely delicious and the people that work here are quite friendly and helpful. The vineyard is open year-round, 7 days a week, making it very convenient to drop by any time you need your wine fix. In addition to our amazing Semillon, we also offer delicious pizzas, cold beer and mixed drinks. We also have a large indoor seating area and three gorgeous outdoor terraces that overlook our vineyard and the gorgeous countryside. These are perfect locations to drink one of our amazing bottles of wine.

introducing the Black Canyon Vineyards wine club

Author: Bob Bonarda

Black Canyon Vineyards FounderWhen you join the Black Canyon Vineyards wine club, you gain exclusive access to all Black Canyon Vineyards wine releases, including the most limited bottlings (those under 90 bottles produced). Shipments are sent four times a year, depending on the club you sign up for. With our wine club, you receive three bottles of wine, wine notes, pairing recommendations and unique recipes with each shipment.

As a wine club member, you also will receive in person wine tastings of regular wines with the winemaker, 20% off all Black Canyon Vineyards wine purchases, access to the vineyard’s private guest house and invitations to exclusive events throughout the year: dinners, parties, etc.

As a wine club member, you are entitled to unlimited complimentary tastings for yourself and up to 5 guests, which is why our wine club always ranks highly in wine club reviews. A special seated wine tasting can also be arranged for you and 4 guests by reservation. The only caveat, due to state laws, is that we can only legally ship wines directly to wine club members in some states. Please view our Shipping & Handling Policy and the compliance laws of the states to which we ship.

Your wine club billings will be made almost automatically to your credit card as soon as we ship your wine. We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard and the Discover card. The actual cost per wine club shipment varies with the wines we send you but an estimated cost per wine club shipment averages between $150 to $200 over the course of a year. Shipping and sales tax are of course additional.

wine gifts that make a difference

Author: Bob Bonarda

Black Canyon Vineyards Wine Gift BasketIf you are keeping an eye out for some amazing wine gifts this Mother’s Day, be sure to consider giving the gift of an award-winning wine club to the person you love. Make sure to do some serious research on each wine club you are taking into consideration to ensure its not a dud. If the one you adore has a strong interest in Muscat, be sure to consider giving a Black Canyon Vineyards wine club membership, as we have some amazing Muscat wines..

In addition, expensive wine gift baskets can also make a superior Christmas or birthday gift. Wine and cheese baskets are gift wrapped baskets full of wine, crackers, cheese, chocolate, sausage, cookies, etc. They often range in price from $49.99 to $349.99. There are a ton of wine and cheese baskets to choose from, so be sure to read up on the wine gift basket provider you plan on ordering from. There are a ton of wine basket review sites online, so be sure to read up on which wine gift basket companies are the highest rated. Again, be sure to read all the good and bad reviews of the hundreds of wine gift basket providers to make sure you are not going to be sending poor-quality wines to your friends and family.

save money with wine club coupon codes

Author: Bob Bonarda

Black Canyon Vineyards Wine ClubsWine club membership coupon codes are a fantastic way to save money when giving a friend a wine club membership or when you are giving yourself an expensive wine club. They often entitle you to receive 10% off your wine club membership purchase or provide you with an extra bottle of wine.

In the past we have had amazing success with these California Wine Club Coupon Codes but sometimes these Cellars Wine Club Promo Codes can be hit or miss. If you are up for gold medal winning wines, then you'll definitely want to check out theseGold Medal Wine Club Coupon Codes. The Uncorked Ventures Coupons have also saved our members money this holiday season. So be sure to use these coupon codes if you’re going to sign up for a wine club.